Pryv Access Token Generation

How to

  1. Enter the Application ID that you will use in your app
  2. Setup the streams you will request access to in the Permissions box
  3. Press the Request Access button
  4. Sign in with your username and password
  5. Authorize the application access to your account by pressing on Accept
  6. Copy the Access token and use it to run your tests


This defines the streams that your access token will be allowed to manipulate.
If you request permissions for streams that don't exist yet, they will be created on the user's account upon user authorization.
The value provided in the defaultName property will be used as its name.

The level must be one of the following values:
  • read: Allows to get the stream's values.
  • contribute: Read and generate new content.
  • manage: Contribute, update and delete.
Edit the fields StreamId, Level and defaultName in the text box containing a JSON array where each item represents a Permission that will be requested upon successful authentication.

If the Master Token option is checked, it will set the level manage on all streams for the selected application.

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