App guidelines

General guidelines for writing applications and libraries for platforms.

Web applications should be implemented to be platform agnostic, so they can be run on your production environment as well as your staging one.
Our example applications can be run on our Pryv Lab platform as well as your own.


Applications should retrieve configuration parameters from the service information.

For this we suggest to implement the following ways to load its configuration:

  1. pryvApiEndpoint query param

An URL in the Basic HTTP Authorization form.

Example: as API endpoint (URL encoded)


Note: service information should be retrieved by appending the path /service/info to the value given by pryvApiEndpoint.

  1. pryvServiceInfoUrl query param

Example: as service information URL (URL encoded)



If multiple parameters are provided, the following order of priority should be used:

  1. pryvServiceInfoUrl as query parameter
  2. pryvApiEndpoint as query parameter
  3. pryvServiceInfoUrl as default value


Using a pryvApiEndpoint to load an app allows to load data directly as it usually contains credentials. For cases where you require authentication, it is preferred to use pryvServiceInfoUrl: