Future releases


07.10.2022 - Dynamic mapping support & HDS SECU_AUTH with 1.8.0

12.11.2021 - Automatic SSL certificate generation with 1.7.4

25.10.2021 - New features with 1.7.0

26.04.2021 - new MFA release with 1.6.20

New MFA release:

11.01.2021 - Complete admin and system API

Admin and system API references are now complete and available through Open API definitions.

15.12.2020 - Stream queries

You can now query events with more precision using Streams queries.

25.11.2020 - Open image for Exoscale marketplace

Open ready-to-go on Exoscale cloud service, allowing you to deploy Open Pryv instantaneously with minimal start-up configuration from here.

22.10.2020 - React Native support for lib-js

A react native application using the JavaScript library is now available in our Github repository. This app example displays an implementation of authentication protocol.

We have released our new tech guide to help developers manage consent when building personal data collecting applications to satisfy existing and forthcoming privacy regulations. It outlines the logic of managing consent with, and guides you through a practical hands-on example involving a consent request. More information on how to leverage your compliance in our article.

28.09.2020 - System Streams with Y

Now user registration could be customized using the configuration. Either you want to have a registration without an email or have your own unique fields, now it is possible to do so. Also, admin panel users could easily delete not active users.

27.08.2020 - Collect and Share High Frequency Data with Y

Push the boundaries of your High Frequency Data. Discover how to collect, view and share high-frequency data in our tutorial video for our high-frequency app. The code for the Desktop and Mobile version is available in our Github repository.

Read more about high frequency data here.

24.08.2020 - Custom Authentication with

Provide your platform with a custom auth step to authenticate your API requests or authorize them against another web service. Detailed information in our new technical guide, illustrated with our video use case: How to check Alice’s identity when she tries to access Bob’s data for which he gave her access to ?

12.08.2020 - Admin panel for Y

We have released a web application for your platform administration. It allows you to manage the platform settings of your platform. Contact us directly if you wish to get your admin panel for!

10.08.2020 - Data Modelling guide

Our new Data modelling guide is out, illustrating multiple use cases that can be implemented using the API.

05.08.2020 - “Change password” page

The additional /change-password.html page has been published among our template web pages to register, authenticate and password modification for your app users.

You can discover the authentication process for your Open platform in our video tutorial. and fork our Github repository to customize it.

31.07.2020 - Develop your iOS applications with

Our new Swift library facilitates writing iOS apps for a platform, and provides an Apple HealthKit bridge between HealthKit data samples and streams.

Learn how to grow your own iOS App(le)s in this video:

Discover Apple HealthKit bridge video here:

More on the release here.

24.07.2020 - View and share data

Following our Collect survey data tutorial, enable your users to visualize and share data with our new template web app.

23.07.2020 - Register and authenticate your users

Learn how to use our template web pages to register and authenticate your app users in our new video tutorial. Simplify your authorization process for your Open platform by forking our Github repository.

15.07.2020 - Dockerized Open

Open is now available through Docker containers : discover the new release here and swim with the whale.

14.07.2020 - Customize your web apps

A new tutorial on how to customize assets in your web apps is now available on Github. Check the video tutorial here.

06.07.2020 - Onboarding

Learn how to implement an onboarding experience for your app users by watching our video tutorial and the Github implementation.

03.07.2020 - Collect survey data with

Discover how to easily create a form and collect data with in our tutorial video. The web app is available in our Github repositery to help you implement your own.

08.06.2020 - goes Open Source

Pryv releases an Open-Source Solution for Personal Data & Privacy Management.

17.01.2020 - integration with Postman

Check how Postman can help to facilitate & accelerate the API integration here.

04.01.2020 - Webhooks at Y notifies your app of any data changes from now. Learn more about Webhooks here (available for Entreprise license only). Our Webhooks technical guide explains their different features and how they are set up.

23.11.2019 - Audit Logs in Y

Keep track of actions performed by your app users against accounts with audit logs (available for Entreprise license only).

02.06.2019 - High Frequency Data in Y

Learn more about how you can store data at high frequency and high data density in here (available for Entreprise license only).